Joseph Parker has developed as a boxer, with new coach Andy Lee and by training alongside Tyson Fury. BOXXER’s new signing has shown there is more to him than the fighter we saw against Anthony Joshua in 2018 and is now well-placed for a title shot, says Sky Sports expert Johnny Nelson.

We know Joseph Parker has improved since he fought Anthony Joshua. He’s not the same fighter he was. He has improved as a fighter and that’s what you’ve got to give respect to and what we’ve got to pay attention to.

He has changed. In camp, he’s walking and talking and moving with the best, with Tyson Fury and with his trainer Andy Lee so why would he not benefit? We may see some more layers to Joseph Parker than what we anticipated.

We’ve seen Joseph Parker in with the likes of AJ and people like that. He’s in the contender position. But also he’s in a position where people like Hughie Fury, any other heavyweights that BOXXER have, if they can’t get past Joseph Parker, then Joseph Parker’s the one they’ve got to push. It’s actually good for the rest of the stable because Joseph Parker’s saying ‘yes, sign me up to fight them’.

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Ben Shalom confirms that BOXXER have signed a long term deal with Joseph Parker and Sky Sports.

Because BOXXER have got their heavyweights there, at some point BOXXER is going to have to test their heavyweights and say ‘right, you know what, we’ve got Joseph Parker here for you’ because they’re not afraid of putting their fighters against each other, which to me is refreshing.

You saw that with Zak Chelli and Germaine Brown at the weekend. They’re not afraid to do that, it’s good for business, and they’re going to put on some entertaining fights.

Joseph Parker’s still relatively young. He’s not shop-worn. He’s also the most experienced heavyweight BOXXER have on their platform. The guys coming through will look at Joseph Parker and think that’s a fight where he’s got a world ranking, he’s up there, he’s higher than they are, so that’s a guy they can look at. Of course for Joseph Parker he’s thinking ‘I might find another way to navigate round to getting a crack at one the other heavyweight governing body titles’.

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Joseph Parker has enjoyed a successful link-up with new trainer Andy Lee

He’s in camp with Tyson Fury, he seems to have relaxed and come out of himself a bit. He’s completely different from when he boxed AJ. So he seems to have matured and they say heavyweights don’t mature until their mid to early 30s. He seems to be a different fighter to when he boxed Joshua so, you know what, he might have better days to come.

Realistically, the chances of him and Joshua fighting are probably slim, depending on what Joshua’s plans are going forward. But his name can be thrown into the mix with the rest of the bunch.

He’ll definitely get opponent status and that’s when you get opportunities.

He’s improved as a fighter and what a good time to have a heavyweight that’s up there, that’s in that mix and BOXXER have managed to do that.

He’s a baby when it comes to the heavyweights. People like Hughie Fury, these guys have got to learn on the job and they’re going to take criticism. That’s the heavyweight game. Unless you’re an amazing athlete that’s outstanding from day one of turning professional, like Mike Tyson, like George Foreman, like Anthony Joshua, unless you’ve got that springboard, you’ve got to learn on the job.

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Former world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker has shown he can mix blurring hand speed with devastating power.

Dillian Whyte would be a big one for Parker. You can also look at Joseph Parker against Hughie Fury. Hughie Fury’s got to start making moves, making traction on where he is in the heavyweight rankings, so that to me makes sense.

Hughie is boxing Michael Hunter on July 2, live on Sky Sports. Hunter’s experienced. Michael Hunter is in the ‘who needs him club’. But Hughie Fury’s had to let him in. So Michael Hunter will either expose Hughie Fury or Hughie Fury will show how much he has developed as a fighter and how mature he’s becoming.

It’s a win-win for the stable of BOXXER fighters and it’s a win-win for Joseph Parker because he’s the best they’ve got in regards to being their highest-ranked heavyweight. He’s got fighters there that want to fight him, that want to test him and as a fighter you always want the opportunities. It’s like the fox in a hen house.



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