Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform with the concert "The River Tour" at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday, May 14, 2016.

Bruce Springsteen is set to tour Europe in 2023, along with the E Street Band. 

“The Boss” announced on Monday that the pair will hit the road next February, travelling first to the United States (US) and then Europe in April. 

His first tour since 2017, Springsteen will visit Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Austria.

Dates and ticketing information for these performances have been confirmed. 

However, Springsteen and co are yet to reveal details for Belgium, the United Kingdom (UK) and the US. 

“After six years, I’m looking forward to seeing our great and loyal fans next year,” Springsteen said in a statement. 

“I’m looking forward to once again sharing the stage with the legendary E Street Band,” he added. “See you out there, next year – and beyond!”

The first European city they will visit is Barcelona on 28 April, according to the announcement. 

This will be followed by Dublin, Paris, Ferrara, Rome, Amsterdam, Landgraaf, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Vienna and Munich, finishing in Monza on 25 July.

After touring Europe, the Boss will head back to the states in the summer and carry on his tour. 

Springsteen’s last musical venture was ‘The River Tour’ in Australia in February 2017. 

His most recent release was the 2020 album ‘Letter to You’.



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