euronews_icons_loadingJordan Peele hopes his 'summer spectacle' 'Nope' will entice audiences back to cinemas

There’s little in contemporary movies quite like the arrival of a new Jordan Peele film. 

They tend to descend ominously and mysteriously, a little like an unknown object from above that casts an expanding, darkening shadow the closer it comes.

‘Nope’, the writer-director’s third film, is nearly here. 

After Peele’s singular debut, ‘Get Out’, about the possession of Black people’s bodies and the fallacy of post-racial America, and his follow-up, ‘Us’, a monstrous tale of doppelgangers and societal mirrors; the closely-kept-under-wraps Nope brings a new set of horrors and unsettling metaphors.

The highly anticipated film, starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun, follows a group of residents on an isolated Californian horse ranch who encounter a mysterious force in the clouds that affects human and animal behaviour. 

It’s Peele’s most ambitious film yet and digs into the nature of spectacle and the desire to document it – a multithreaded theme that encompasses Hollywood history and Nope itself. 

The film releases on Friday 22 July in the USA exclusively in cinemas. It comes to European cinemas in August. 

As a Universal Picture film, it will make its streaming debut on Peacock later on in the year. A date has not yet been announced. 

What has been the response to ‘Nope’ so far?

Universal PicturesDaniel Kaluuya, left, and writer/director Jordan Peele on the set of Nope

The film has received mostly high praise from critics so far  – with some comparing Peele to filmmakers like Steven Spielberg.

Check out the video player above for a preview of the film and an interview with Jordan Peele

Video editor • Theo Farrant



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