SubscribeUSIndiaGlobalMoscow launched the military operation in Ukraine on 24 February to defend the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, which were suffering from intensifying attacks by Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin slammed Kiev for 8-year-long war in Donbass, calling it a genocide, and said that Russia’s goal is the “demilitarisation and denazification” of Ukraine.Russian forces and Donbass militias continue to advance amid the special operation in Ukraine. In total, since the beginning of the op, the Russian military has destroyed 164 Ukrainian warplanes, 827 drones, 366 rocket launchers, 304 air defence missile systems, and 3,022 tanks and other armoured vehicles.Follow Sputnik’s live feed and Telegram channels to get the latest updates:Sputnik News US — News India — firstOld first14:16 GMT 13.05.2022Interior Ministers of Baltic States, Poland Urge EU to Fund Demining Activities in UkraineThe interior ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland have urged the European Commission and the Council to send demining specialists to Ukraine and also consider financing these efforts from the EU budget, Lithuanian interior ministry said on Friday.”The joint letter of the Ministers of the Interior of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland, initiated by Minister A. Bilotaite, calls on the European Commission to coordinate the provision of support for demining of the Ukrainian territories and asks to assess the possibilities of financing these activities with EU funds,” the statement said.The letter was sent to the European Commission, France, which currently holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the Czech Republic as its successor, inviting them to “coordinate the mobilization of demining experts in Ukraine.”However, the statement failed to mention that a substantial part of those explosive devices have been planted by Ukrainian forces and nationalist battalions, who have been mining critical infrastructure facilities, civilian buildings and the waters of ports, preventing ships from delivering supplies to other countries.14:15 GMT 13.05.2022WATCH LIVE: UNSC Discusses Int’l Peace and Security

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14:14 GMT 13.05.2022Russia to Present UNSC With New Evidence on US Military Bio Activity in Ukraine, Nebenzia SaysRussia will present the UN Security Council with new evidence on US military biological activity in Ukraine, Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said on Friday.”Since the previous meeting two months have passed and we’ve received new evidence. All of these materials we have presented to the Security Council,” he said.13:24 GMT 13.05.2022G7 Intends to Allocate Some $31.1Bln in Large-Scale Assistance to Ukraine – ReportsG7 coutnries intend to provide large-scale financial support to Ukraine in the amount of about 30 billion euros ($31.1 billion), Germany’s magazine Der Spiegel reported on Friday, citing sources.The group is expected initiate this assistance at the meeting of G7 finance ministers in Germany’s Petersberg next week, the news outlet added.This amount of funds is calculated provided for that the hostilities will be completed within a year, Der Spiegel said.13:09 GMT 13.05.2022Ankara Says Zelensky Ready to Meet With Putin Through Mediation of Erdogan

"During our visit to Kiev, I also had a meeting with Zelenskyy. He thanked Turkey for its constructive and balanced attitude, as well as support that Turkey provides to Ukraine. Zelensky stressed that they have full confidence in Turkey. In addition, Zelensky confirmed that he is ready to meet with Putin through the mediation of our president", Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said in an interview with Turkiye Gazetesi newspaper.

11:37 GMT 13.05.2022Turkey Cannot Assess Positively Plans for Finland, Sweden to Join NATO Yet – Erdogan

"We are following the process. But we do not have a positive opinion on this matter. Because before that, there was a mistake in connection with Greece. You are aware of Greece's behavior in the alliance towards Turkey … The Scandinavian countries have a habit of showing 'hospitality' to terrorists, letting them into parliament. Therefore, we cannot look positively at this yet", Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters.

10:38 GMT 13.05.2022Russian President Putin, German Chancellor Scholz Discuss Situation in Ukraine in Phone Call, Kremlin Says09:30 GMT 13.05.2022Kremlin Denies Reports About Stopping Gas Deliveries to Finland

"Gazprom supplies natural gas to various consumers in Europe, including countries that are NATO members. And Gazprom has repeatedly demonstrated its reliability as a company that supplies energy resources to the European continent. Therefore, most likely, these reports are just another media hoax", Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

08:34 GMT 13.05.2022Finland Sees No Direct Military Threats From Russia – Ambassador to NATOSoldiers from the Finnish Army stand in formation during the Saber Strike 2014 opening ceremony here, June 9, 2014 - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.05.2022Finland Sees No Direct Military Threats From Russia, Ambassador to NATO Says08:27 GMT 13.05.2022Russian Foreign Minister Says EU Turned Into Aggressive Player in International ArenaThe European Union has turned into an aggressive player in the international arena, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.According to the diplomat, the EU countries are “rushing exactly along the tracks that NATO is already laying, thereby confirming the trend that they are merging with NATO and will, in fact, perform the functions of its appendage”.

"[In this regard,] the harmlessness of such a desire of Kiev [to join EU] raises serious doubts … considering that the European Union has turned from a constructive economic platform … into an aggressive, militant player," Lavrov told reporters on the sidelines of a CIS ministerial meeting in Dushanbe.

07:58 GMT 13.05.2022MoD: Russian Air Defence Downs Ukrainian Su-27 Jet and 15 Drones in Kharkov Region07:54 GMT 13.05.2022Western Countries Try to Damage Allied Relations in CSTO, EAEU, CIS, Foreign Minister Lavrov Says

"We discussed the situation in Central Asia, including taking into account the attempts in relation to the Central Asian region, which are being made by our Western colleagues — the US, the EU, NATO members — attempts aimed at strengthening their influence in the region by damaging relations within the CSTO, the CIS, the SCO and the EAEU," Lavrov told reporters on the sidelines of a CIS ministerial meeting in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

07:44 GMT 13.05.2022Lavrov: EU Actions Show Brussels is to Play Role of NATO Appendage07:41 GMT 13.05.2022EU Foreign Ministers to Discuss Possible Embargo on Russian Oil on 16 May, Borrell Says07:27 GMT 13.05.2022EU Intends to Allocate Extra 500 Mln Euros in Military Aid to Ukraine, Top Diplomat Borrell Says06:46 GMT 13.05.2022More Than 500 People Evacuated From Mariupol to DPR Over Past Day, Authorities Say04:45 GMT 13.05.2022Attackers Throw Molotov Cocktail at Military Commissariat in Transnistrian Capital of Tiraspol, Authorities SayUnidentified attackers tried to set fire to an oil depot and a military commissariat in the Transnistrian capital of Tiraspol overnight by throwing Molotov cocktails, the interior ministry of the breakaway republic said on Friday.At about 01:11 GMT, a car stopped near the oil depot of one of local enterprises, from which an unknown person got out and threw Molotov cocktail towards the object and disappeared. About half an hour later, two Molotov cocktails were thrown into the building of the republican military commissariat. The fire was promptly extinguished by security.

"There are no damages or casualties at both facilities. Investigative and operational groups are working at the scene of the incidents, the circumstances of the incidents are being established," the ministry said in a statement.

04:42 GMT 13.05.2022UK Officers Are Coordinating Ukrainian Forces Against Russia, Source Says



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